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Career opportunities

The employability of graduates in these areas is very high at the European level, since there is a lack of human resources in the target domains in all European countries and even worldwide.  Therefore, one can expect that the graduates will have no problems in finding a job, and even a good one at a country and industry of their choice. One can envisage companies and organisations hiring these graduates in need of technical human resources dealing with telecommunication networks (and especially 5G ones), Internet of Things, security, data analytics, automation and even artificial intelligence, among many others.

Hiring entities are all those dealing with the telecommunications sector, but extend to all other sectors where data analytics plays a major role, e.g.: telecom operators, telecom equipment manufacturers, telecom devices manufacturers, regulators, consultancies, software houses, service providers, utilities, investment banks, insurance companies, research centres, public administration and international agencies, among others.


 – Big Data Engineer, Accenture

Quantitative Research- Data Scientist, BNP Paribas

– Data Scientist e Machine Learning Engineer, XpandIT

For Data Scientist, LandingJobs

Find Jobs in Data Science, Amazonjobs

– Data Scientist, AssetFlow

Data Scientist, Indeed

– Data Scientist, Careerjet

– Data Scientist, SapoEmprego

– Data Scientist, Joble

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