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The objectives of the joint CoDaS M.Sc. Programme are the following:

– to strengthen student education in the key area of Communications Engineering and Data Science with foreseen major future impact;

– to contribute to the graduation of engineers in the already much needed area of the degree, putting together the competences of telecommunications and data analysis;

– to offer a variety of courses on complementary specialisations at the Partners: 5G and Automation at Aalto U., CyberSecurity at Grenoble INP Institute of Engineering and 5G and Data Science at Técnico Lisboa (University of Lisbon);

– to address current and future challenges related to Information and Communication Technologies and sustainable development;

– to contribute to the goals of the European Union Digital Strategy.

Besides benefiting of the above stated objectives, the student enrolling on the joint CoDaS M.Sc. Programme will:

– have the opportunity to study in two of the Partner Universities;

– get acquainted with the cultures of two different European countries;

– graduate in an area of expertise with a high level of employability in a global market.

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