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Requirements & Applications

The joint CoDaS M.Sc. Programme targets international students, not only within Europe but also from other regions, such as from Asia, Africa, North America and Latin America, besides the national ones from the Partner Universities’ countries. Students applying to enter the Programme are required to have a B.Sc./B.Eng. degree (with a study duration of at least 6 semesters or 180 ECTS credits) in a technical area related to the Programme, such as computer science, computer engineering, or electrical and computer engineering.  A good background is expected from the students in mathematics and communications.

Starting the academic year of 2023/2024, the Programme will start being offered in two formats:
— as a Double Degree Programme, as started within Unite!, University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering‘s initiative, available to students enrolled at Técnico Lisboa (University of Lisbon), as mentioned below;
— as an Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters (EMJM) Programme, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

      1. At Técnico Lisboa (University of Lisbon),  the Programme corresponds to the “Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering” (MEEC), in the Specialisation Area in “Networks and Communication Systems”.
      1. Application  to the Programme depends on the format chosen by the student:
      2. — Double Degree Programme: students have to apply first to MEEC (Specialisation Area in “Networks and Communication Systems”), after which they can also apply to the CoDaS M.Sc. Programme;
      3. — Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters (EMJM) Programme: students have to apply via the general CoDaS website.
      1. Students applying to the Double Degree Programme should send an email to the Programme Coordinator (, informing him of the application when they apply to MEEC, and sending him all required information as listed below (all documents must be submitted in Portuguese or English, however, official translations recognised by Portuguese authorities, embassies and consulates will also be accepted):
      2. — proof of academic degree and study records (diploma and study records need to be certified);

      3. — proof of English language proficiency by means of a recognised language test (either TOEFL or IELTS):

        – TOEFL with an internet based score of at least 80 points or a paper based score of 550;

        – IELTS with an overall band score of at least 6.0 (with minimum Reading and Listening of 6.0, and Writing and Speaking of 5.5);

        – applicants who are native English speakers or have completed a degree in English do not need to submit a proof of English language proficiency.

        – in alternative to the certificates mentioned above, candidates may request to be interviewed.

        — motivation letter, with the description of the specific motives for the application to the Programme (up to 500 words);

        — recommendation letter(s), up to 3, from relevant people considered by the students;

      4. — Curriculum Vitae, with photo, presenting any subject-relevant internships, work experience and extracurricular activities (2 A4 pages maximum).

      1. Application periods to MEEC for the academic year 2024/2025 are as follows:
        • National students and international ones from the European Union (check details at
          — 2024 Mar. 4th  to 22nd: 1st Call (students holding a B.Sc./B.Eng. degree, with a study duration of at least 6 semesters or 180 ECTS credits, or with 138 ECTS credits, in the stated conditions);
          — 2024 Jun. 11th to Jul. 5th: 2nd Call (students not holding a B.Sc./B.Eng. degree, but having completed at least 138 ECTS credits, in the stated conditions)

Applications to MEEC must be done online.

You can contact the Admission Office of Técnico Lisboa (University of Lisbon) for further information.

The current intake will admit 10 students per year.  This number will be revised each year, by common agreement among Partner Universities.

Selection will be performed by the Selection Committee (chaired by the Programme Coordinator) at Técnico Lisboa (University of Lisbon), based on the following criteria (interviews may be conducted):

— type of previous studies and similarity with the Programme,

— academic records,

— motivation for application,

— curriculum vitae.


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